Do You Need an Licensed Healthcare Agent?

Don’t Go It Alone..

Your Agent Helps You…

Research Plan Types
Research your Doctors
Research Your Prescription Drug Coverage

A Partner…

A Partner with Service Issues
A Partner Providing You Professional Advice
A Partner You Need with any Medical Claims

An Agent is a Partner that…

Is No Additional Cost to You
Is An Enrollment Specialist
Helps You Understand Plan Benefits

Research Help

A Partner

Why Do I Need an Agent?

As with any financial service product, professional advice is a good thing.

  • No Additional Cost to You
  • A Partner to provide Professional Advice – How well do you know your Insurance Products?
  • Research plan types and make a recommendation about which plan may suit you best
  • Know Your plan suitability is based on your health situation, doctors, prescription medication
  • Learn about your medical benefits along with cost including Co-Payment, Co-Insurance, Deductibles and Premiums
  • Health Care Rules and Laws Change Constantly – Your Agent will Keep you Up To Date
  • An licensed healthcare Agent researchs your doctors to find out which networks they participate in
  • Enrollment Timing is Crucial. Missing enrollment deadlines may result in future penalties
  • An Agent walks you through complicated enrollment application
  • Partner with You to Help You understand Plan Benefit details
  • Research Your prescription drug coverage
  • A Licensed Healthcare Agent will partner with you with difficult claims
  • An Agent will make sure your not alone with Customer Service issues

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