Medicare Parts?

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Medicare Part A - Colorado

Medicare Part A is typically referred to as Hospital Insurance or Inpatient Care.

Part A coverage includes expenses for semi-private rooms in a hospital, hospice care, certain skilled nursing care and sometimes home health care.

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Medicare Part B - Colorado

Part B Medicare is insurance for Medical Services and Outpatient care.

If you require an office visit to your doctor or simply need preventative care, then your Medicare Part B is the coverage you would need.

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Medicare Part C - Colorado

Medicare Part C and D are both are offered by Colorado Medicare private insurance companies.

Medicare Part C is also referred to as Medicare Advantage, which was implemented in 1997 as part of The Balanced Budget Act.

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Medicare Part D Colorado

Medicare Part D Colorado plans are designed to help lower prescriptions drug costs.

Similar to Part C, Medicare Part D is offered through private insurance companies and plans vary depending on your location.

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