What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is for terminally ill individuals with less than 6 months to live. Once a person is eligible for Hospice, a plan of care is established by a medical team in conjunction with the patients family and loved ones. The plan of care is typically focused on the patients comfort. Hospice care is usually provided in the patients home.

Services that maybe included with Hospice care include:

• Doctor and Nursing Services
• Medical Equipment and Supplies (wheelchairs, walkers, bandages, catheters, etc.)
• Medication for Pain Relief
• Homemaker Services
• Physical and Occupational Therapy
• Speech-Language Pathology
• Social Work Care
• Grief Counseling
Respite Care (Short Term)

Eligibility for Hospice

A patient must accept “palliative” care rather than care to cure an illness. To accept an individual must sign a form that states that their care is now for end of life services (Hospice). In addition to patients acknowledgement, a doctor must also certify that the patient is terminally ill and expected to live less than 6 months.

Hospice Costs under Original Medicare (Parts A and B)

• $0 for Hospice Care
• Some prescription medications may have a copay.
• Respite care may include a 5% coinsurance of Medicare Approved amount
• “Medicare doesn’t cover room and board when you get hospice care in your home or another facility where you live (like a nursing home).” Medicare.gov

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