What is Durable Medical Equipment?Durable Medical Equipment

Medicare Part B covers medical supplies and durable medical equipment (DME). Generally, supplies and equipment include walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, diabetes testing supplies, oxygen and more.

Durable Medical Equipment Coverage (DME)

How am I eligible to receive coverage for Durable Medical Equipment Coverage (DME)? A doctor must prescribe DME for use in your home to be eligible for Original Medicare coverage. You must be enrolled in Medicare Part B

Durable Medical Equipment must also meet certain criteria:

• Equipment is “Durable” – Can withstand repeated use (3 year lifetime expectancy).
• Specifically used for medical purposes
• Utilized with the home

Preventive Care Part BDurable Medical Equipment Contracted Supplier

How do I find a Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Contracted Supplier? Medicare.gov offers a DME supplier search tool that you can utilize by entering your zip code. This medical equipment and supplier search tool helps locate DME, Prostheses, Prosthetics, Orthotics and other Medicare approved supplies.

Medicare.gov – Find a Supplier

How Much will I Pay for DME?

• You pay your monthly Part B premium
• You pay Medicare Part B Deductible
• You pay 20% Coinsurance of Medicare Approved Amount
• You may need to rent or buy the equipment depending on availability.

IMPORTANT: Durable Medical Equipment is only covered by Medicare if the DME supplier and doctor that prescribe the DME is enrolled in Medicare. Doctors and suppliers must meet the strict Medicare standards to stay enrolled within the Medicare DME program. Medicare will not pay for DME if the supplier and doctor are not enrolled in Medicare. It is important to verify that your doctor and supplier are enrolled.
Accepting Assignment: If a supplier is enrolled, but does not accept assignment then there’s no limit on the amount they may charge you for DME.

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