What Preventative Care Coverage does Medicare Offer?Preventative Care

Medicare Part B covers a wide range of Preventative Care Services. Preventive services range from Bone Mass Measurements to Flu Shots to your Yearly “Wellness” visit.

Preventative care is a crucial factor to increasing your chances of a longer life span. While longevity is a key reason to a regimented preventative care plan, quality of life plays a significant role as well.

Many illnesses and diseases can be mentally and physically debilitating for the patient and their loved ones.

How do I become Eligible for Preventive Care Services?

Preventive Care services are offered to those individuals that meet certain criteria. What is the criteria? Well, the first step for preventive care eligibility is to be enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Enrollment in Medicare Part B opens up a whole new world of preventative care. Your preventive care eligibility is now based on age, gender, timing (when you enrolled in Medicare) and pre-existing conditions.

Preventive Care Part BHow Much does Preventive Care Cost

It’s important to research each preventive care service individually. In many cases your Medicare Part B deductible and coinsurance payment are waived. In other words, most Medicare approved preventive services are $0 for those individuals eligible. As with many other services, you must continue your Medicare Part B coverage and monthly premium.

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