Does Medicare cover cataract surgery?

A Medicare representative can explain more about how you can be eligible for cataract surgery under a Medicare Advantage Plan. You can also ask your primary care physician about what your plan covers and how much you will have to pay. Some patients require aftercare...

Does Medicare cover Cataract Surgery?

You will not have any general vision care coverage with the Original Medicare plan. This means that you couldn’t go to the optometrist and get an eye exam with an Original Medicare plan. The only coverage related to vision that you will receive is something that is...
Medicare Part D Coverage

Medicare Part D Coverage

The type of coverage provided by a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan varies from plan to plan. Each of these plans has its own unique list of prescription drugs that it covers, which is referred to as a formulary. Within the formulary, these drugs will often be divided into several different tiers, typically to indicate cost differences.