Medicare Eligibility for Part A?

Check your Medicare eligibility in Medicare Part A using the list below. Medicare is generally available to individuals Age 65 or older, Part A Eligibilitydisabled and those with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

• The list above is for reference purposes. Please make sure to verify your information and eligibility with the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services.

Medicare Eligibility Check

Are you eligible for Medicare benefits? You have resources to help you verify Medicare eligibility! Check your eligibility online by using Medicare.gov’s Eligibility and Premium Calculator. This generic questionnaire does not ask for you or your spouse’s social security number.

The Medicare eligibility check simply asks your date of birth, number of years worked while paying Medicare taxes and if you currently receive group health benefits through you or your spouse’s current employer. Additional questions about your spouse will be asked if you have not paid Medicare taxes for at least 10 years.

In addition to performing a Medicare eligibility check, you may also calculate your Medicare premiums based on marital status, previous income and if you worked at least 10 years in a Medicare taxable job.

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